Siófok Beach ('Nagystrand')

'Nagystrand' in Siófok is one of the largest and most visited beaches in the Balaton area. On the beach, a variety of catering establishments and services that satisfy all needs await summer lovers! An 800-square-meter playground with a sandpit, in the middle of which stands the 18-meter-long wooden children's toy boat Kelén (named after Balaton's oldest ship), as well as a children's pool with a water park. There are also free public beaches near the guest house. The Ferris wheel is also a special and unique sight, from the top you can admire the Balaton panorama at a height of 50 meters. People of all ages can choose from the Plázs concerts.

Rose garden, fountain

Rose garden, located next to the harbour, and the coastal promenade starting from there, is a very popular park in the town, both for local residents and visitors to Siófok. The beauty of the ornamental garden and the coastal promenade is an approximately 500 m2 large central fountain area, which also provides children with experience and entertainment. The uniqueness of the fountain is the 12 m long, curved water jet that shoots the water into Balaton in the form of a tunnel, so you can feel like you are in a water tunnel while walking. The light and sound play makes the fountain even more special.

Bella Zoo

The zoo, located on 30,000m2, offers its visitors an unforgettable experience. Petting zoo, horses, alpacas, camels, birds, ostriches, a wonderful lake with fish... Pony riding, carriage rides, camel rides for children. We offer our guests a discount on admission.

Zamárdi Go-Kart

If you want speed and adrenaline-pumping fun, don't miss the Zamárdi Go-Kart track! Speed and Competitive Spirit, Team Building and Family Fun. Don't miss this exciting adventure at the Zamárdi Go-Kart track! Whether it's family recreation, competition with friends, or even a team-building event, unforgettable moments are guaranteed to await you here.

Zamárdi Paintball

Paintball is one of the most exciting and tactical outdoor activities you can try. Here, it's not just aiming and hits that count, but strategy and teamwork as well. Battle with your friends or family members and experience the thrill of real warfare! Zamárdi Paintball can be a perfect choice for groups of friends, company teams or birthday parties. By playing together, you will be able to gain memorable experiences.

Adventure Park

Countless possibilities await you in the Zamárdi Adventure Park, where nature and adventure combine into a fascinating experience. If you are looking for real challenges and you like to be outdoors, then this place is really for you. Every age group can find the most suitable challenges here, so it can be an ideal program for families, groups of friends and groups. Skill courses, rope courses and other obstacles in the trees, archery, and small train rides are also included in the programs.


If you want a magical and unforgettable experience, then Zamárdi Circus is the place you should definitely visit. This circus provides more than just a performance, it is a journey into the world of dazzle and fun, where the audience will be part of a real artistic miracle.

Upside down house

The two-story upside-down house in the Széplak district offers visitors a unique experience. Everything is on top of your head here!!

Töreki fish ponds and nature trail

With a lookout viewpoint, rest areas, playgrounds, the Cinege-spring with fire pits, hiking routes, forest hiking opportunities - near the guest house - awaits the visitors here.

Sailing, shipping

Siófok, the "capital city" of Lake Balaton, offers visitors plenty of exciting water sports opportunities. If you are a lover of water adventures and sports, here is a recommendation about Siófok's water sports possibilities: you can try these sports on Siófok's water ski course or in the wakeboard park. Lake Balaton offers excellent sailing opportunities, you can also rent a sailboat. You can rent kayaks and canoes in many places, there is also the possibility of surfing, and it is an excellent place for trying out SUP. The Hyperjet offers a special experience. Local rental companies offer a wide range of equipment. The Siófok cruise is an ideal way to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Balaton and the sights of the city of Siófok from the lake. A sunset cruise can be a particularly romantic experience for couples, as the sunset lights on Lake Balaton offer a fabulous sight. With an evening party cruise, you can enjoy the famous nightlife of Siófok in the middle of Lake Balaton, while the boat floats in the lights of the night. Pirate shows can be an exciting and fun experience for families and children. These boat tours often include crew dressed as pirates and interactive programs.

Cultural programs

Siófok offers visitors numerous exciting festivals and events in the summer. These summer festivals enliven the city and welcome tourists with colourful cultural programs. These include the Water Tower festival, the New Orleans Jazz Festival, free music concerts in the Jókai park and the harbour, the Wine and Bread Festival... nearby, in Zamárdi the Rosé festival, Beach festival, Balaton Sound, Zam Jam festival... On the Kálmán Imre promenade mineral museum welcomes those interested.

Nearby attractions

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  • Balatonföldvár-Ship History Visitor Center
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